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Alpenland Group Berlin acquires a nursing home in Berlin

Alpenland Group Berlin has acquired the nursing home Seniorenhaus am Rhumeweg, Rhumeweg 32, in Berlin-Schlachtensee from the closed real estate funds Seniorenhaus am Rhumeweg GmbH & Co. Heim KG.

Alpenland Group Berlin is an operator of six nursing homes with more than 600 nursing beds in the federal capital Berlin. There are also nursing beds for coma patients (phase F), dialysis patients, day care and 96 apartments for assisted living.

The sale of the property and the operator change was brokered by the investment advisory company auxenia RE GmbH based in Berlin on sellers instruction. 

The property with approx. 60 nursing beds was built in 1983. The nursing home was previosly operated by an Alloheim Senioren-Residenzen GmbH subsidiary.

Berlin, 12th May 2014

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