Chartered Surveyors RICS
auxenia RE

Acquisition profile senior care real estate

Investment volume

From 5 million euros



Existing properties

Nursing homes with at least 50 full inpatient care places

Assisted living facilities with at least 30 apartments and a general lease agreement (no individual leases)

Combined facilities (e.g., inpatient care facility with attached assisted living apartments) - in this case, the minimum sizes specified above for individual facilities may be undercut.

Senior residences

Project developments

Forward deals with final purchase price payments upon completion

Vacant properties or properties that will become vacant in the short term, such as hotels or rehabilitation clinics, that are suitable for conversion into senior facilities.  | +49 (0) 30 23 59 454 70

Conclusion of a brokerage or agency contract

This requirement profile in no way constitutes an offer to conclude a brokerage or agency contract. For the conclusion of a brokerage or agency contract, a written confirmation on our part is mandatory in any case.